Covid-19 Concept

Requirements to attend

Upon check in at the hotel and at the conference you will need to show proof of

1. Full vaccination with a 14 day waiting period (two doses of BioNTech/Pfitzer, Moderna or Astra Zeneca or one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine), or

2. Proof of recovery from SARS  Covid-19, or

3. A recent negative Covid-19 test.

Click here for a full list of current regulations and requirements. Please keep in mind that those regulations can change on short notice and check back frequently.

Rules of the game for a safe event

  1. Excluded from attending the meeting and/or staying at the hotel are:
    1. persons who have had contact with COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days, and
    2. persons with non-specific general symptoms and respiratory symptoms of any severity.

If guests at the event develop symptoms during their stay, they must isolate themselves immediately and are not allowed to enter common areas. Please notify your personal contact person at the hotel immediately, who will take further steps.

  1. Maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 m in all common areas. This also applies to the meeting rooms, the restaurant and the hotel bar, including the sanitary facilities, as well as when entering and leaving the premises and in corridors, hallways, stairways and outdoor areas. Please observe the appropriate floor markings and signs.

  2. Mouth-nose masks (FFP2) must be worn from the time of entering the hotel and when moving about the building, except at the table in the restaurant, bar and conference room and in the hotel room.

  3. In order to avoid contact between conference groups, we ask you to adhere to the agreed break times. These will be mutually agreed upon in advance of the event.

  4. Coffee breaks will again be offered as a buffet in the foyer, with a separate buffet prepared for each conference. The coffee specialty machine in the foyer can be used for self-service.

  5. Lunch will be offered in buffet form in our restaurant, depending on the type of event. Dinner takes place as a buffet in the restaurant. The currently valid rules for visiting the restaurant are posted at the entrance to the restaurant and must be observed by all guests. (e.g. hand disinfection, walking direction etc.).

  6. For coffee breaks, lunch and dinner, we are currently offering more individually wrapped items for hygienic reasons.

  7. The conference room will be ventilated several times. By doing so, we support the hotel’s ventilation concept.

  8. Refreshing of the conference rooms takes place in the absence of the guests in order to avoid contact. Please leave the room as quickly as possible at the beginning of the break to give us enough time for cleaning.

  9. To enable contact tracing in the event of a subsequently identified COVID-19 case among guests or staff, contact details of all conference participants must be collected by the organizer (name, telephone number or e-mail address, length of stay). The data must be kept – in compliance with data protection regulations – for one month and then destroyed. The data may not be used for any other purpose, including marketing purposes.

Covid-19 rules in brief

Hygiene concept Leonardo Hotels

  1. We provide sufficient washing facilities, liquid soap, disposable towels and hand disinfectant in all public areas, in the conference room and in the guest toilets.

  2. All our employees are trained in our hygiene concept and live by it.

  3. All touch points and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected several times a day.

  4. We provide disinfection dispensers at the entrances to the various public areas, restrooms and in the event area.

  5. Recommended spacing regulations between seating areas are followed.

  6. Our employees wear face masks in the public areas and when in contact with guests.

  7. Contact restriction by minimizing the number of employees necessary to provide your service.

  8. Protected check-in/check-out through plexiglass partition to employee.

  9. Haptic contact with collaterals (menu, newspapers/magazines, guest information A-Z, pens, etc.) is limited to what is necessary, sanitized or replaced after each use. We do not currently place notepads and pens on the conference tables; disinfected pens can be found in an envelope in the conference gienekonzeptroom. Where possible, we provide print items, media and brochures in a Digital Infoboard.

  10. Moderator’s boxes can be provided as needed. (by arrangement)