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Tuesday, March 10, 2015
9:00 am
The Art of Designing „Productive“ Ink-jet Printed Décors
Robert Massen, Baumer Inspection
9:30 am
Single Pass Inkjet Prinitng: What We Can Learn from the Textile

John Corrall, Konica Minolta
10:00 am
Trends in Industrial Print: What does it mean? What opportunities are there?
Frazer Chesterman* and Frederic Blancher**
* Mack Brooks Exhibitions Group
** Encres Dubuit
10:30 am
Coffee break
11:00 am
Decorative Inkjet Glass Printing – Indoor/Outdoor
Richard Piock and Bernd Würth, Durst
11:30 am
Wood Powder - The Sustainable Multifunctional Layer for Hot-pressed Boards
Niclas Håkansson and Göran Ziegler, Välinge Innovation
Lunch break
1:30 pm
Capturing Height Information on Surfaces and Workflow Automation
Jens Becker, Cruse
2:00 pm
Hybride Digital Print on Paper for HPL/CPL and Melamine Direct Coating
Florian Ross, Hymmen
2:30 pm
Inert Coating Technology and Digital Pinting
Creating Value to Products, Keeping Production Costs Parameters Competitive

Roberto Bolognini, Cefla Finishing
3:00 pm
Coffee break
3:30 pm
Dual Chemistry - The Use of HMMC Adhesives for New Plastic Substrates on Wooden Boards
Walter Stadlbauer and Inaki Sigler, H.B. Fuller
4:00 pm
Flat Lam 2.0 - Modern Adhesives With Persuasive Arguments
Ingo Horsthemke and Friederich Braetzkus, Jowat
4:30 pm
DEA - Curing Characterization and Correlations with Gloss
Elisabeth Dolezel-Horwath* , Uwe Müller* , Claudia Pretschuh* , Marlen Reiner** and Stephan Knappe***
* Kompetenzzentrum Holz
** FunderMax
*** Netzsch-Gerätebau
5:00 pm
End of day 1
7:00 pm
Buses leave for the conference dinner
7:30 pm
Conference dinner at Augustiner Bräu
Dress code: informal

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Executive Session by Pöyry Management Consulting
9:00 am
Welcome and Introduction
Cormac O'Carroll and George Goroyias, Pöyry Management Consulting
9:10 am
Wood-based Panel and Surfacing Markets – European Perspective of Challenges and Opportunities
Tomi Hartikainen, Pöyry Management Consulting
9:25 am
Upstream Value Chain Perspective
Matthias Krull, Munksjö
9:45 am
Surfacing Material Producer Perspective
Andreas Dörfler, Impress Surfaces
10:00 am
Wood-based Panel Producer Perspective
Naci Güngör, Kastamonu Entegre
10:15 am
Downstream Value Chain Perspective
Anders Pettersson, IKEA
10:30 am
Coffee break
11:00 am
Panel Discussion:

‘What will drive the sector's evolution and growth in Europe? What needs to change?'




George Goroyias, Pöyry

Matthias Krul (Munksjö)
Andreas Dörfler (Impress)
Naci Güngör (Kastamonu)
Anders Pettersson (IKEA)
Cormac O'Carroll (Pöyry)

Topics to be explored:
•  What have been the major value chain developments? – Business Leaders to share their company's success stories
•  Are the current operating models still relevant? New winning strategies - what are the lessons learned? - Business Leaders to share their personal experience of strategies that have worked
•  Have the traditional products stagnated? Can innovation provide a pathway for significant growth? Why does our industry invest so little in new product development - a Business Leader perspective
•  New generation marketing as a strategic growth tool? Who are the trendsetters and what have they gained through innovative marketing? - a Business Leader perspective
•  What are the three key opportunities in the European market and what would be required to capture them?
•  What are the three key challenges that limit sector growth in Europe, and what can be done to mitigate this risk?

Lunch break
1:30 pm
Colors of Motion
Monika Fecht, Renolit
2:00 pm
Meladur ® a Product of BMK
Moritz Menier, BMK
2:30 pm
Harmonious Surface and Edge
Innovative Technologies for Edging in an Era of Digital Printing and High Gloss

Jens Fandrey, Kleiberit
3:00 pm
Coffee break 
3:30 pm
Powder Coating of Wood Based Panels –
The Long Awaited Industrial Breakthrough and Challenges with the Implementation

Raphael Kalt, Florian Emmenegger, Klaus Rehm, and Bernhard Letsch
Bern University of Applied Sciences
4:00 pm
How to Measure Glossy Surfaces
Herfried Lammer* , Katja Regenfelder* , Edith Zikulnig-Rusch* , Raimund Leitner**
* Kompetenzzentrum Holz
** CTR Carinthian Tech Research
4:30 pm
Nanocomposite Coating Application for Melamine Decorative Surface
Abouzar Hatam, University of Gorgan
5:00 pm
End of Conference



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